“I believe strongly in the value of coeducation for girls,” says Jessica Nimjee, parent of a 2019 Explorer Program student. “Alina discovered who she is and what she is capable of becoming. She gained the confidence needed to be a fearless observer, participant and explorer of the world around her.”
Academy girl playing on the playground
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For most children, 3 is an age of explosive growth. Words are forming. Concepts are taking shape. Fine and gross motor skills are improving. And interest in other people and the world around them is developing.

Research has shown that learning to interact socially, express emotions and become a confident explorer at this critical age requires understanding and support from experienced child-development experts.

In a high-quality preschool program, your child will learn how to compromise, be considerate of others and problem-solve. She will play with peers, build confidence, gain a sense of self and find answers to questions through exploration, experimentation and conversation.

So what makes our Explorers Program high-quality?


A caring community of teachers and learners.

In the Explorers Program at Columbus Academy, our teachers know how to unlock each child’s potential and make the most of every moment during these vital years.They are warm and caring early-childhood development experts who understand that parents are the most important people in a child’s life. They get to know you and your child and build trusting relationships by listening to your goals and concerns and making it easy for you to participate.

Teaching to each child.

Our teachers help 3-year-olds learn the way they know best — we move, observe, play, explore, read, discuss, create and sing daily. Our classrooms have reading places, art stations, puzzle areas, places for naps, and direct access to our nature-inspired playground, where children are free to explore, take risks, and be curious in a safe and wonder-filled sensory-rich outdoor space.


Sharing joy, sparking conversation.

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Choosing the right launch pad.

This critical preschool year sets the foundation for how a child navigates through the educational process and life. The Explorers Program at Columbus Academy helps children be happy, self-motivated, well-rounded, confident and academically ahead of the game. 



We are happy to be scheduling personal campus tours again! We require all parties to wear masks including your child. In some areas of the school, please “pardon our dust” as we ready Academy to have the safest environment possible in anticipation of the opening of school.

If you’d like to schedule a tour, please email admissions@columbusacademy.org or call the Admissions Office at (614) 509-2220 and leave a voicemail. You can also click here to submit an inquiry form.

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